We appreciate the youthful, outside-da-box thinking and questioning of the fashion industry and all its seemingly rigid, sometimes elitist rules and codes. When really isn’t the essence of fashion all but strict orthodoxy? We think so. And that is why a little irreverence for good measure is always a warm welcome in this too often icy industry. Scott Sternberg gaves us last season a model in the window of a Paris gallery for 60 hours under the all-Internet seeing eye via live-streaming. This time, he strikes again!  No runway, once more, but instead two models, this time had to compete against each other in completing tasks all the while changing at every new challenge into the next outfit of the season. A real reaity-type show if you may where the clothes are actually seen doing exactly what they are meant to do, be worn to do everyday’s myriad of urban tasks. Smart. New fashion standards indeed. Or is it fashion 2.0? What about the clothes you ask? Décontracté is how we’d define it, as it is the DNA of the brand. We really liked the monochrome tweed and corduroy outfits, the sweaters and especially that tweed tux jacket. Nice! Finally, the “real” way all the accessories were worn on the models illustrated well how very accessible this line has always been. It would probably explain its commercial success..

Here’s some looks that caught our eye:

Source: style.com

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