Sex sells. So does black and white. This show was Black & White & Sex. This is a “looser” collection for the designer… As opposed to can’t-breathe-in-this-dress tight. Sultry and comfy? Sign us up! Now, while the leather is a new foray for Anthony V.,the numbers in this luxurious material kicked ass. From the 80′s inspired dropped shoulders jackets to the minis with large metallic sequin-ish discs. These last ones were found sliding up & down the sides and thong-less thighs of the models. Rrrr. Cock-tails hour will surely bring you some of that! The general feel was a rock-ish tough expression while decked in black or with a popped white collar and high sandals. Not completely unlike Tom Ford, there was strength, some would argue, of the dominatrix kind. Still, these man-eaters had “softer” spots, to not use a single letter, with angora crews and turtlenecks. We loved the asymmetrical looks and all of the hardware found here and there. Perfect for all you post-Catherine Tramell vamps with basic instincts out there.


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