It’s cold. It’s fucking freezing. Still. Shit. We remember when wearing a tuque and gloves (let alone mitts!) was the wackest style one could ever sport. Here we are though, East coast playas loving all seasons. No discriminating. And we’re well represented. Boy wonder. Genius Wang! What?! Have you seen the last Balanciaga brah?!  We’re talking stealth shit. Straight from the future into the illest of darkened fashion alleys. We bring the tech. Where you at, Moncler?! Check out the nylons and leathers puffed up, thick and hard as breast plates. Wind, snow AND rain, bring it on! We’ve got hoodies that leave the hoods in their neighborhoods. High fashion meets street? Here’s a collab for the ages. Timeless as black and white and mostly all that’s in between. With skinny cropped pants for good measure. Global warming, first the glaciers will melt and that means sub-0 temps dawg, so get your masks on and get your scarves on, the apocalypse is upon us, sorta. Bud, have another one and stop worrying about all this shit you can’t part with, grab one of these totes/city/duffel bags, we’re all in the clear. Thanks A.W.


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