For the Fall collection of the house, Veronica Etro took her cultural legacy and turned it into something current and chic. And by following her brother’s footsteps for the men’s show, she added an hard-er edge to it. Indeed, her influences were stated in the pieces showcased: the Renaissance ceilings, the nineteenth-century ethnic textiles and even the Russian ceramics. As always, prints were a big part of the offering, this time overlaid with black geometric visuals. We love the outerwear, cut with the same rounded shoulder we’ve been seeing for this season (trend alert!). And the zipper detailing on it: that extra edge we were mentioning. Speaking of zippers, those were also featured on the sleeves; turning a feminine piece into something more…  We also love the (beautiful) mixing of jacquard, leather and print. And the heels, zipped up in the back (wanted!), just came wrapping up another great collection for the house, albeit one in constant, steady evolution from the famous paisley that made the house what it is today. And as one of our sister’-in-law would say “(s)he’s so Etro, i can’t follow!” This collection should help our beloved extended family follow suit.


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