We are the everyday hustle bustle. We are the lads you blog about. Drool about. Wish we’d buy your shit about. Tube style. Or from across the “manche”, more appropriately, “métro” style. That’s how we roll, electric bi-atch. Raw denim and boiled wool are our blankies. Flannel “Canadiana” checkered shirts and tuques rarely ever come off. And that odd time we’re about to meet foreign “invesTORTS”, for this rad new resto/boutique/café/spa/convenient store project that’s about to kill it, we wear our pop’s uniforms, double-breasted, knitted ties and the prince of wales’s got our backs. Nothing wrong with a bit of cred here and there. Our stop, watch your sock-juice, bro, this is su-ede.


Source: style.com



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