Genghis Khan meets Paris boy-poet-wonder of the Montmartre type (or was it the Gondola type?). The mix was pleasing to bits. We’re loving the new Etro chic. A fashion house well known for its loud paisleys and over-the-top colour mixes, which, we absolutely love, has, in the last collections at the helm of its designer Kean Etro,  put out a more, well… rugged? rough? Less precious? Take on its visiting card style. And that is a good thing. Because the truth is, the “Etro” look is now mimicked by your average Tom, Dick and Harry, which is, by all means, a great thing. But when a fashion house’ style is being sold in the men’s section of  your run-of-the-mill department store, a shift, is a necessary move (pun intended). And while this collection was certainly very much in tuned with the ethos of the house, it yet felt more masculine, more primitive than it’s dandy counter collections. Like Etro went ahead and got just a little serious and tough on us. Well, save for tose obnoxious eye-popping stripped numbers that apppeared somewhere in the middle of the collection. We love velvet, we love jacquard and we love brocade. And Etro delivered on all fronts. Every season more Etro goodies end up in our closets. Coincidence? We think not.


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