Whether shacked up in some country house with bubbles and a beautiful fire, down south sippin’ on a margarita while reading that “brick” you can’t seem to finish, at a house party, or… (euheum) in times square / the bar you usually go to but tonight you’re treated like a perfect stranger, it’s NYE! The most over-rated night of the year! WKF has had it’s share of really amazing 31st’ parties, as well as the worst!

Our advice? Overdress baby! GO ALL OUT!!! Costume-like if you want. Tux and sequins if you want to remain classy about it. Buy three (3) that’s right, THREE! Bottles of that sublime elixir from the only region that truly knows how to make it so you walk in like royalty on a mission! And finally, make sure you are with the only people you’d want to be with if tomorrow was the end of days. And if you can’t be with them, it’s called a smart phone pal, although, granted, you DON’T want to try reaching them (drunk!), like oh say 10 million other people! Between 11:59 and 00:01! Trust us, at 00:02, it still means something.

Oh and by the way, what the hell is the meaning of “Auld Lang Syne”?!?



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