We at WKF have been easily engulfed in womenswear more than their masculine counterparts. And really, can you blame us? The sheer magnitude of things destined for the better sex is just overwhelming. But! That does not mean we forgot about the gentle chaps out there wanting to look /care about their looks. And so, as Sandy slowly, eventually subsides and all the leaves have gone as that other one would say, it feels just right and bang on to give you what our team considers the new fall basics for the dapper dandy in you. And since we are talking about all things basic but new, you will not find umbrellas or trench coats. It seemed to us as though, when the fall rolls along, as Robert of Led Zep would say and you dont know you need to carry waterproof garments then this post will be eons ahead of you, sorry. This post is addressed to that savy dresser who could seem a little overrun with all the different sources from which to keep up with the trends that are here to stay. Well, look no further, you’ve come home, Don…

Let us begin. This little journey is in three folds. First, “The Daytime Dandy”, followed by “The Trendy Rocky” and rounded up with “The Swanky Socialite”.

You’re 25 going fast on 45? Then you are like us. You know all there is to know about trends and cool tech-y things. 10 year olds don’t get the best of you, yet. But here you are in a law/accounting/engineering/marketing/banking, firm (or worse!, you work in the medical field) and you just want to fit in, because it isn’t the time for you to start pea-cocking but at the same time all these dark blue and charcoal suits coupled with bad black shoes are making you want to scream ” I HAVE A FASHION IDENTITY!” Calm down. You’re right. Here’s how to go to work, TOMORROW;

A top coat, wool, mohair and cashmere, everything else… is a deodorant commercial. Under your spiffy single or double-breasted camel, charcoal or black coat lies a three-piece suit, whether in tropical wool or in corduroy. Add a brooch, trust us. And yes, you need to wear that third piece vest (worn under the jacket) so that when you remove the latter, you look sharp and smart, still. Don’t be afraid of stripes and colours.

On your way there, to work that is, don’t forget your driver hat, leather gloves and graphic scarf. Tweed, calf skin and a blend of wool and silk for all three respectively will surely make you feel like the nippier weather is a warm welcome…

You obviously want to arrive on time (year-end bonus!), so invest in a beautiful watch. What’s a month salary when you can look brilliant in a Panerai. It says, you’ve got style, you’ve got grace… wait that’s a Madonna song! And chances are, your boss won’t know what it is, so you won’t get fired.

You can’t get there on time without good soles. Double strap Monk shoes. Do it. Yeah they look a bit stuck up. But they are really gorgeous! Nothing says style and youthful, intellectual elegance like dub monks. But you can’t claim fashion’s fountain of youth yet! You NEED to wear über colourful socks! We mean it! Like socks that don’t match whatsoever with anything else you are wearing. It doesn’t matter! You know why? Because it looks awesome!, women notice and guess what? Other men are actually not doing this, yet! So easy, so brilliant.

Finally, call them whatever makes you feel comfortable, but you need to get over it and start lugging a city bag. A hold all if you like. Let’s be real here, who wants to go around trying to fit everything in that “my dad’s” wallet (thinking of that Seinfeld episode!) that looks bunglingly absurd (or worse, like you’re overcompensating…) in your pant pocket. And seriously, are the grocery bags that pretty? Get a cool, leather and/or mixed fabric hold-all. You’ll thank us later.

Until the trendy rocker makes his way for a thursday cocktail hour, here’s some of our thoughts in pics, enjoy and remember, Wear this now:

Source: style.com



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