As part of our Fall/Winter 2012, Women – Looks recap, one point we highlighted was the need to layer. Since then we have completely dived into this look and grown to love it! Not always liked by all, actually quite questioned by some yet we found this look to have the most personality. You would think layering is easy but quite the opposite; it becomes a juggling exercise of color and proportions. You cannot simply grab just any piece from your closet and start adding as you will most likely not get it, but instead end up looking like a clown dressed in the dark!.. We suggest you start off easy, by going monotone, all in black. Black boots, black tights, a pair of black knickers (a.k.a shorts up to the knees), a thick black blouse, an over thrown black sweater and of course a scarf.

Do keep in mind that layering does not equal frumpy and it is actually quite the take on the imagination of your mind.  We remembered how much we loved this look as we came across the Fall/Winter collection of Raquel Allegra.  With ease, each look got us excited and made us start planning our next layering moves.  Take note on how various materials add to the texture and richness. Completely enthused by this collection, we wanted to share it with you. Oh and by the way, the fact that Raquel combined the look of layering with that of the androgynous one, simply genius!

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