We came across this bracelet by Maison Martin Margiela called ‘secret mirror bracelet’ that at first we were like ‘no, come on, can’t be’!  but oh yes, it truly is.  From the surface it looks like a silver wrist band but surprise!! You open its lit and voila a mirror (hello… that’s why it’s called SECRET mirror!!!).  What a fantastic idea that now looking at it could you believe we never came across something similar!  Forget its practicality level that is far beyond having to go digging in your purse for that compact mirror that you can never find, right on your wrist, twist a little, open and yes! You can now stare at yourself at any moment in the flick of your finger ease.  Perhaps too easy?  We wonder if this will only call people to look at themselves in the mirror more often.  Will it create more of a self-absorbed phenomenon that will only reinforce popular belief that fashion is superficial?

Forget that!  We love concepts that are ingenious and this is one of them!  (by the way, to only make things better, it also comes in gold!)

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