WKF is proud to share that some of our wardrobe favorites are  Neil Barrett items. Like melon hats and fully wrinkled tux pants. The clothes are fresh, sporty and everyday-no-matter-what-is-the-occasion friendly. His spring collection for women was just as impressive. While the shapes were ballooned, the fabrics were silk light, or punctured leather cool. We just loved the tux jackets in classic black and white. The former, in a very manly double breasted, peak lapel, while the latter, very Bond-ish, with grosgrain shall collar in contrast black, were brilliant. The huge almost skirt-like pants were striking, while there was also the jogging-cum-jaipur day pants that we fell for. And as we’ve posted about often, Barrett had a main idea and just rolled with it. And so, the “ripped” stripes took on centre stage, sometimes as the iconic line on the tux pant, other times on the flow-y tops. What made this almost all B&W line, save for a few “softer stripped” blue, green and purple numbers, über-wearable collection is the precise tailoring abilities of the designer. And his, ever so trendy, sporty take on clothes is very “now” given his genius knack of mixing seemingly the masculine and feminine fashion trends in a single collection, over and over again. This no fuss offering, including kangaroos and reptilian biker jackets made us dream of spring afternoons cycling to work decked out in Neil’s concoctions.

Source: Style.com





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