While New York fashion week blew us away, London had no scruples in boasting some of the best designers that city has to offer to the rest of the world. And so as we continue our reviews of the fashion capitals for spring/summer 2013, it just seemed very fitting to start with the gentlemen designer of the royal city.

We have always loved Paul Smith for his colors and patterns and this collection has left us once again dreaming.  Take his choice of showing navy blue, orange, black and white all in one ensemble…. ‘but of course, why not?’  You would never think such a mitch-match (a.k.a mix and match) would work… admit… you would never dare… but putting it together in such a tailored way and it comes across clean, crisp and brilliant.  Oh Sir Smith! Our loving designer was knighted by the queen of England in 2000. And like those fab four knights would say, his collection was to us “Love, Love, Love!”

But he didn’t stop there.

We especially liked his high waisted (yooupiee…. we’re so excited they’ve made a comeback and they seem to be staying for a while.. hello…. girls… admit it.. it’s way more comfortable!), cropped pleated pants paired with loafers.  Tailoring at its best!  The blouses were beautiful be it the monochrome shine or the patterned eclectic options, we loved them all.  Oouu.. and is that stirrups we’re seeing?  Yup… call us silly but we’re excited for them to make a comeback…. Wait for it… we’re convinced they will.

One last note.  Round glasses are a must.

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