We were going through the Bazaar September 2012 issue when low and behold we came across these earnings that we found actually quite interesting.  We were intrigued by the gold color but more so the shape that reminded us of home economics class back in the days learning how to sew.

Pin Earrings, $128

Why not make pieces that also lend to our every day use?  We’re thinking we don’t always have to re-invent the wheel and come up new designs but instead we should use what’s already out there.  Hey!  If the wheel turns why try and change its shape?

We looked up the designer, Auden, and realized it was a fairly new kid on the block.  What first started off with jewelry making for friends, the designer, Bryce Castaneda took it to the next level in 2010 and has not since looked back.  We’re not surprised.  Each piece we came across just got better and better.  We saw them all as collection items and jewels that will be worn for many occassions and by many generations.  Timeless.

From left to right: Olivier Earrings (Blue), $348 / Flynn Earrings (Purple), $398 / Remy Earrings (Green), $258 / Madison Pin Earrings, $328 / Emerson Necklace (Teal), $678 / Hayden Collar, $648 / Amelia Necklace (Yellow), $1,188 / Flynn Necklace, $648 / Marseille Necklace (Purple), $698/ Callisto Cluster Necklace, $658 / Remy Spike Cuff (Green), $638 / Dorian Cuff, $498

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