Moncler Gamme Bleu – Tap dancers in sailor suits made their way around the runway while Thom Browne went all out with this nautical-themed collection. Mostly focused on outwear, he presented us with an almost over-the-top futuristic look (hello, striped rain cape!). We love the use of PVC; could it be making a comeback in luxury?! And notice how most of the jackets end above the wrists ?! Typical Moncler, we just love this detail!

Ports1961 – Fiona Cibani and Ian Hylton gave us an urban-chic sportswear for this collection. We love the color palette; mostly in the tones of pastel, critics said it gave it more of a feminine side.. but we believe that there should be no such categories!! We love the well-tailored shirts; they look so light! And, can we talk about the bags?! It’s about time that men start carrying them around… and with those totes, how can you resist?! Another piece that we see ourselves sharing (and probably fight about)!

Marc Jacobs – Ha, Marc Jacobs! One of our favorites on the women’s side, he doesn’t disappoint for his menswear collection. We love a man in prints (yes, yes, we are repeating ourselves!) and these ones… wow! They just feel fun and summer-y, just like fashion should be! We love the sportish day look and the more ‘serious’ evening look of the collection. And those hats… Great way to add a little something to an outfit!

Giorgio Armani – Always classic and chic, the designer showed us a wearable and masculine collection that felt modern and natural. The play with proportions was nicely done; the loose-pleated trousers are a great example of that.

We just love the double-breasted jackets, which seem to be featured a lot in the Spring/Summer collections!

Dsquared2 – We’ll be honest here; we had a discussion on whether or not we should review Dean and Dan Caten’s collection. While we love and support any Canadian designers and are always proud of them, we feel like Dsquared2 have been doing the same things over and over, being almost too predictable. We came to the conclusion that while we personally may be bored with the collection, it still does great at retail, which means that the Caten’s style does please to the crowd!

That being said, there are still elements that we enjoy. We love the skinny ties and neck-action going on (we really want those strands of chains!). And, hello, footwear!

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