We previously covered Givenchy for men, Lanvin and Michael Kors’, all of which we loved for different reasons. Givenchy and Kors you allowed us to imagine pattern on pattern in so many ways while Lanvin you brought us back to thinking sport and casual can actually be fancy.

What now follows are our other favorite collections.

Overall, we can’t wait until next year as these collections begin to hit stores.

Jason Wu : referred to by Wu as a combination of ‘nature versus man-made’, the collection lead to many lady like looks with delicate lines and curves.

Givenchy : in line with his men’s collection as we covered earlier, Riccardo Tisci kept his collection on the street.  Especially so with woman’s, Riccardo by inspired by the idea of a ‘traveling, nomadic woman… she’s a gypsy, really’ he said.  Clearly shown by the patterns, accessories and shoes, this collection was tribal cheek.  We especially liked the caped jackets. 

Gucci : what a beautiful collection by Frida Giannini who dove back to the past in using the same Flora print she used in her debut collection of accessories for the house back in 1997.  A retro feel, feminine and yet powerful in the use of the double breasted jacket.  We found many practical pieces in this collection and absolutely adored the rich use of colors.

Marc by Marc Jacobs : what can we say about this collection besides the fact that it was a little nutty.  But, that’s exactly what we love about Marc Jacobs, he just doesn’t take fashion too seriously and his collections are always eccentric, colorful and to the extreme.  Marc Jacobs referenced Portland, OR and Tokyo as his reference to this collection and what a mix it resulted.  From the punk rock colored hair, to the knee high preppy look, to the crazy mouse shoes, there were so many elements combined that reminded us of the 90s but overall… is just worked!

Proenza Schoulder : With Proenza Schouler opening its first ever boutique in New York this coming July, Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez were using the opportunity to make their collection ‘wearable, salable clothes that girls want’.  And did they achieve exactly that with washed out boy cut jeans, classic blouses of over shaped size and tweed jackets that always appeal to customers.


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