Continuing with the 2013 cruise collection lines that have most recently been exposed, we’re excited to show you that of Michael Kors.  We must admit, we were slightly getting bored with his 2012 summer collection (light colors and the safari look that we felt was simply passé) but wow did he out due himself here!  Called ‘opulent minimalism’ those words absolutely express this collection best.

Keep an eye out on gold!  Already we were in love with this color but the manner in which Kors layered gold on top of gold…. It’s simply beyond rich!  Classy a la maximum!  It was also fantastic to see how he had fun with layers and patters.  He did not shy away from doubling up on patters and it worked out great!

The accessories, the shoes, the fur coats to keep us warm as we transition through seasons, we loved them all.

Well done Michael Kors!

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