My fellow fashion lovers … I need your input on this one as I’m curious.  I’ve come across two schools of thought and of course they differ depending on if you’re speaking with a male or a female.

Topic… sparkle and more sparkle on sandals for summer.

The girls… the more the better… they simply adore adorning their feet in sparkle. They claim it attracts attention and well… who doesn’t love sparkles?

The guys… ridiculous concept that why would you want to attract attention to your feet when honestly… most of the time they’re the least attractive (or to them anyway) part of a woman’s body.

And so…. I’m just not sure.  For the first time I’m hearing both sides and well… both have good points.  BUT… coming across these Miu Miu sandals I can’t help but gravitate towards one side… SPARKLE baby!  They’re just adorable.  And the little kitten heel… come on!!!

O.K. calm down.

Tell me… are you a sparkler or not?

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