As I was returning home, passing through airports I couldn’t help but notice how we’ve all gravitated towards the usual black or grey or bleu suitcase.  How we’re able to differentiate our own luggage from another… I have no glue.  Besides that… why is it when we travel we tend to loose our sense of style and automatically go towards items that are ‘safe’. Are we thinking flying is risky enough that we need the comfort of dark colors to keep us grounded?  Oh come on… airports are exhausting as it is (all that security, line ups, delays)… how about we aim to make it visually appealing at least!  Here is a suitcase that I came across by J. Crew.  What I loved the most about it…

(1)    Bright yellow… yes please… add a little sunshine in our dreary travel ways.

(2)   Antique look… you know me… I have a weakness for anything square and sharp.

(3)   It has wheels!!! Yup… I love style but I love practicality even more… or I think?!?

Globe-Trotter® Centenary 30″ or 33″ extra-deep suitcase with wheels

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