5am my alarm will ring and I take flight back to Montréal tomorrow.  Not sure how I’ll do this considering the past two days have left me snoozing my alarm and dreaming of better things… but… I’ve promised my fellow traveler that yes… tomorrow… 5am I’ll be up!!! (wish me luck!)

Phew… the Prairies you had some beautiful fields of wheat that I must say had such a bright golden color and yes… let me not forget the endless roaming cows that just made me think of how much meat we eat… but I just need some city life again!  Thank you blog for keeping me tuned in!

That being said, as I soar the skies, it just so happens I came across these two May Vogue cover shoots (Germany & China) both wearing what I’d like to call the coat of arms…. the eagle.  Said to represent strength, wisdom, freedom and awareness, Lanvin depicted these qualities best through a necklace.  What a statement piece!

Whatever outfit, wearing the eagle will only draw attention and leave you feeling above all.  I welcome you to take flight… and… do keep an eye out for similar options!

Lanvin, Eagle necklace $1,295Euro

Roberto Cavalli, Gold-tone eagle and snake necklace $840CND

Mathias Chaize, Gold-plated and silver eagle necklace $125CND 

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